TAA Members can Post Job Openings for FREE!

Job Board,

Welcome to the NEW TAA Job Board where Tulsa Apartment Association members can post job openings for FREE!

Members of the Tulsa Apartment Association can share information about job opportunities on the TAA website.

We can accept text, link to the job posting on another website, and/or an image with your job posting details. 

Please submit the following information to the Tulsa Apartment Association if you would like a job opportunity posted on the TAA website:  

  • Company/Community Logo for the job posting image. Prefer a high resolution .png format.
  • Title for Job Posting 
  • “Overview Text” - this is displayed on the Job Board listing page as preview for your Job Posting, there is a limit to 300 characters
  • Text or image for your Job Posting, no limit to number of words/characters
    • If you prefer to only have a link to the job opportunity on another website, you can just send us the link
  • Link or contact information for how a person applies for the job
  • Date you want the job posting to be removed

Once your job opening is filled, please contact the Tulsa Apartment Association so we can remove the job opportunity from our website to ensure our job board stays up to date.

View the TAA Job Board to see examples of job postings.

Questions? Contact the TAA office at 918-747-6217 or info@taaonline.org.